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Welcome to the Cadet side of the 
Tahoe Truckee Composite Squadron 

The cadet program is designed to develop and motivate well-rounded young people through a 16-step achievement and empowerment program, which involve aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness and moral leadership. The youth of our community have the opportunity to enhance their formal education, receive high school credits, learn to fly, join other cadets from across our nation at educational encampments, develop teamwork and leadership skills and, most of all, experience what it is like to give back to our community with these newly developed skills. One of the highlights for most Cadets is attending Basic Training and other National Activities throughout the year.

We meet at our Squadron Headquarters most THURSDAY evenings (6:00-8:30); check our Calendar for any last-minute changes.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the local Civil Air Patrol cadet or senior program or have questions, contact CAP TTCS Commander at 530-587-8806.

Senior Officers for the Cadet Program:
1st Lt. Erin M. LeFevers

2nd Lt. Melissa J. Holbrook



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CAP's Cadet 2nd. Lt. Friesen receives Billy Mitchell Award

Nevada Wing CAP Col. Ralph Miller presents Cadet 2nd. Lt. Friesen with The Billy Mitchell Award

Cadet 2nd Lt. Jonathon Friesen of the Tahoe Truckee Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol was recently recognized for receiving the General Billy Mitchell Award.
This promotion brings opportunities for further leadership challenges and greater responsibility in the cadet program.
Col. Ralph Miller from the Nevada Wing Civil Air Patrol was on hand to present Cadet  2nd. Lt. Friesen the award.
The award is the second in a series of milestone achievements in the cadet program and is named after the late Air Force Brig. Gen. Billy Mitchell.
Its achievement denotes excellence in the cadet program and is accomplished through practical study and application of leadership fundamentals and aerospace education.
This achievement also has benefits outside of CAP. Those interested in entering military service via college ROTC are afforded advanced credit in that program. Cadets enlisting into military service are awarded the grade of E-3 (versus E-1).
The support of family is essential in the CAP Cadet Program and a major reason for the success of cadets as they make choices about future careers. Cadet 2nd. Lt. Friesen had his parents, grandparents and friends on hand for this milestone award.
The Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the United States Air Force, has 3 missions - Emergency Services (search and rescue), Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education.
The CAP Cadet Program is organized around five elements: leadership, aerospace education, fitness, character, and community service activities. The program strives to instill in the cadets, ages 12 to 21,  the core values of integrity, volunteer service, excellence and respect. Through the guidance and influence of its volunteer senior members, the CAP cadet program aims to foster the development of responsible citizens who are inspired to become tomorrow's leaders.
To learn more about the Civil Air Patrol cadet and senior programs visit the CAP web site at
If you are interested in becoming involved with the local Civil Air Patrol cadet or senior program or have questions, contact Ken Aronson, CAP TTCS Commander at 530-587-8806.






Well, this is the Civil AIR Patrol.... of course you get to FLY!!!!
Many Cadets go on to become career pilots in the civilian world and the military.  Some even go on to become astronauts with NASA.  Will you be one of them?
Join us, we have trained pilots who will put you behind the controls.

Before we take off, you need to review the SYLLABUS.
The syllabus will go over everything you will learn on the different flights.
By the way, you get to fly in both powered airplanes and gliders.  Totally cool.


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 Here are some cool games to get you flyin' :)






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